Version 1.6.2 - News

Version 1.6.2

TerranQuest beta version 1.6.2 is being released now.

The GPS code has been adjusted to hopefully work better when it cannot get a location.  We've fixed some issues with the chat and text wrapping.

You can now interact directly with other players.  We've added item sending, where you can give a nearby player items from your inventory.

We also added private messaging and @user tagging.  If you include the @ symbol followed by another player's username, they will see a red message icon at the top of the main screen.  You can send a private message directly without it appearing in chat, too.  Tap on the user's name from the Nearby list, the chat box, or on a place menu to open their profile and send a message.  You can open your own profile to read, mark read, and delete messages.

Enjoy the update!

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