What is TerranQuest?

TerranQuest is an augmented reality mobile game. That means it uses sensor data from your phone, along with weather and terrain information, to interact with the real world.

How do I get TerranQuest?

Head over to the Download page to get it for Android or iOS.

Is this a Pokemon Go clone?

Nope! There is TerranQuest code dating back to October 2014, almost a year before Pokemon Go was announced to the public.

How is my personal data used?

We do not take any steps to log your location history while playing. It's not worth our time. When your phone sends new location data, it replaces the old data. We do back up user data on a regular basis, but only the last four backups are kept on record. Web server logs are rotated (cleared) regularly.

Can I see the code?

Yes you can! Both the TerranQuest game and the server code are open source on GitHub. Server code changes are pushed to GitHub within minutes of going live on our servers.

Can I run my own server?

Yup! The server is a standard PHP+MySQL site, and all the code is on GitHub. Contact us to request API keys for our terrain and location databases. You can tap on the gear on the login screen to set a custom server URL.

What is the code license?

All the TerranQuest code is under the Apache License 2.0. If you plan on distributing a custom version of the client app, you can't use the TerranQuest graphics and name though.